Melody M. Stenrose,





Author of
A Nursing Perspective

A registered nurse who wants to share her experience and her stories with the world. 
did it in this nonfiction nursing memoir that will feed the hunger of those looking for medical drama and educate those looking for answers and insight into what really goes on behind closed doors of the Intensive Care Unit in your local hospital.

Nursing is a Calling:

I believe that good nurses are called to the profession. Nursing is not a profession that can be selected out of a college catalog, it must be chosen from the heart. Nursing is a "helping" profession, and good nurses go into the profession simply because they want to help others, no other reason.

Nursing requires an exorbitant amount of caring and compassion. We cannot choose when we want to care, we must do it at all times. We cannot afford to provide care that is less than our best... lives depend on us.

Experienced Critical Care Educator

Available to present seminars on topics related to nursing and critical care.
I currently have seminiars prepared for:
Charge Nurse/ Leadership
Interventional Cardiology
EKG Rhythm Interpretation
Critical Care Programs that include:
Cardiovascular Surgery
Cardiovascular Medical
Intra-aortic Balloon Pump therapy
Basic Neuro Care for the Critical Care Nurse.

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